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Hoverbike - Robot rides Drone

You’ve probably heard about Chris Malloys Drone 3 Hoverbike on Kickstarter (5 days to go). A small-scale drone version of the original hoverbike - a working flying motorcycle. I’ve not paid much attention to the kickstarter project (they reached their goal btw), but their video above shows some pretty decent pizzadrone delivery use cases. The drone stabilization is impressive.

[Hover-Bike Project]

Spectroscopic observation of SU(N)-symmetric interactions in Sr orbital magnetism

SU(N) symmetry can emerge in a quantum system with N single-particle spin states when spin is decoupled from inter-particle interactions. Here, we report a spectroscopic observation of SU(N ≤ 10) symmetry in 87Sr taking advantage of the high measurement precision offered by an ultra-stable laser. By encoding the electronic orbital degree of freedom in two clock states, while keeping the system open to as many as 10 nuclear spin sublevels, we probe the non-equilibrium two-orbital SU(N) magnetism via Ramsey spectroscopy of atoms confined in an array of two-dimensional optical traps. We study the spin-orbital quantum dynamics and determine the relevant interaction parameters. This work lays the groundwork for using alkaline-earth atoms as test-beds for important orbital models.

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Nasa’s Stardust mission snares first dust from beyond the solar system

Seven particles captured by the Stardust Interstellar Dust Collector and returned to Earth for laboratory analysis have features consistent with an origin in the contemporary interstellar dust stream. More than 50 spacecraft debris particles were also identified. The interstellar dust candidates are readily distinguished from debris impacts on the basis of elemental composition and/or impact trajectory. The seven candidate interstellar particles are diverse in elemental composition, crystal structure, and size. The presence of crystalline grains and multiple iron-bearing phases, including sulfide, in some particles indicates that individual interstellar particles diverge from any one representative model of interstellar dust inferred from astronomical observations and theory.


Atheist Bus Campaign

Ariane Sherine and Richard Dawkins at the campaign launch

"There’s probably no god. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life."

Climate change

Zzz …

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Daniel Lozakovitj, 12 years plays Winter by Antonio Vivaldi.
Stockholm Sinfonietta with Gustaf Sjökvist.

About Daniel Lozakovitj: https://kavehidea.jux.com/3662372

Daniel Lozakovitj

Menuhin Competition 2014 - Junior Finals

About Daniel Lozakovitj: https://kavehidea.jux.com/3662372

Daniel Lozakovitj, 12 years old performs in the New Year’s Concert for the president of the Czech Republic, Prague Castle’s Spanish Hall. 1.1.2014

About Daniel Lozakovitj : https://kavehidea.jux.com/3662372

In his book Abbey’s Road ,Edward Abbey wrote (h/t:abbeyweb.net): “I am […] descended from an endless line of dark-complected, lug-eared, beetle-browed, insolent barbarian peasants, a line reaching back to the dark forests of central Europe and the alpine caves of my Neanderthal primogenitors.”

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Amazing chemical reactions!

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